The Importance of Mobile Optimization in Today’s Digital Landscape

mobile optimization

In 2024, the importance of mobile optimization and the website experience remains more critical than ever. While responsive technology in WordPress and other website builders simplifies the attainment of mobile responsiveness, this ease can lead to complacency among companies. Many neglect to rigorously test or audit their websites on mobile phones and tablets, overlooking the …

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Understanding the Meaning of Colors

As a graphic designer and Creative Director, I always found it fascinating how something as simple as a single color can communicate so much. You get to think visually while the others on your team need to worry about such things as SEO dashboards and website maintenance. Color is a form of non-verbal communication. Every …

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The Power of Authenticity in Content Marketing

Gone are the days when a simple marketing campaign with a spun message could sell the consumer. Consumers today are looking for a much more sophisticated and high quality marketing strategy before they take the plunge and trust a company. If you want a successful marketing campaign in 2020, you’ll turn the attention away from …

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